Marry Me, Today and Every Day

Recently as I was expanding my knowledge on my faith and one of my favorite topics, the Eucharist, I found out that the mass is actually a giant Wedding Feast! And this Wedding Feast is between us, the Church who is the Bride, and Jesus who is our Bridegroom. Actually the whole structure of the mass mirrors that of a wedding. We start with stories of the couple—the readings from the Old and New Testament which is basically just the story of God relentlessly pursuing us. Then we have the toasts which come in the form of the priest homily. Finally we are brought in full union with Christ when we receive Him in the Eucharist.

This is actually really cool because I had heard before that walking down the aisle for communion is like walking down the aisle to meet your spouse at your wedding. Ever since that, I decided that when I go to Communion I would walk intently down the aisle and ask Jesus one question: “Will you marry me today?” And I also tend to include the state of my heart, so for example “will you marry me today even though I am a mess”, or “will you marry me today even though I don’t like people right now” or “will you marry me today even if I am wearing a really stupid shirt” (sometimes I just don’t even know what in the world I was thinking when I got dressed in the morning). Anyway, when the priest says “The Body of Christ” and I say “Amen” that is like me and Him both saying “I do”. It’s actually an amazing profession of real, true, unconditional love. Every time no matter the state I’m in (or the shirt I am wearing) Jesus always says yes, and I get to say yes back! And that’s when I slowly go from knowing Jesus to actually having a relationship with Him.

So this Valentine’s Day I challenge you to ask yourself if you have a relationship with Him first because guess what? He is the one who made your heart and teaches you how to use it! And if your answer is no, or not really, don’t fret, He is always waiting for you at the end of the aisle, eagerly present there so that HE can say “I do” to you!



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