Dream On!

This morning at mass was one of those enchanting moments. The sun trickles through the windows of the church illuminating the people next to you. And you just sit there listening to the choir, who somehow sounds like angles, and you feel like you can do anything. And then, you let your mind wander just a bit, and begin to imagine, and then dream! Big dreams, small dreams, weird dreams about your life and the people you love and NOTHING seems impossible, and guess what? Nothing is! Because God is just that cool!

But this morning I also realized something. It had been a while since I dreamed. It had been a while since I imagined being a princess or a YouTube sensation or famous culinary chief, because the last time I really did that was when I was a kid. As I get older it seems like I dream less and less because I think that less and less things are actually possible. But the weird thing is the older I get, the more likely it is that God can accomplish some of those things in my life.

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I think that God wants us to dream. He wants us to imagine the most amazing, beautiful, breath taking future with all hope and trust in Him that He will make it happen still knowing that if He doesn’t it is because He is a Good Father and NOT because He wants us to stop dreaming. It just means that the guy who made our very dreams dreamt up something more amazing. Like I’m really pleased that God didn’t let me meet Nick Jonas when I was younger even though I prayed for it almost every night because now I see that God has something different in mind and I’m totally ok with that! Dreaming is hope, it is imagining a better us, a better world, it is imagining heaven, and as long as we are not doing it to escape reality or to usurp some lustful pleasure it is good.

So dream on my readers! Dream big dreams, because when we do we give the opportunity to let God do amazing things in our lives.


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