Dinner Table

You know what I love? Food! From oowie goowie mac and cheese, to a fresh crisp summer salad with balsamic and strawberries, to chocolate cake, food has always been something close to my heart. And that reminds me of a conversation I often have with one of my dear friends. She says food is her love language, and I think that it’s everyone’s!

When I was little, all of my fondest memories seem to linger around the dinner table. My mom had this tradition that if you were someone we knew and liked then chances are that you would get invited to our house for dinner. And that is where the magic would begin. It always started with groceries; searching down isles of foods and rainbows of produce for the perfect ingredients. The smells, the colors all of it seemed so special even though we always were in the most basic white floored, florescent lit HEB’s in the neighborhood.

Then when we got home it was like a grand concerto. The tap, tap, tap of the knife, the pinging of the spoons, the gust of the fire, all culminating with the most amazing smells in the world. Then our guest would arrive and we would sit, and laugh, and eat.  Those moments were not about eating to live, but living to eat. We would listen to stories and taste the food, but breathe in the essence of the life of the people that we were eating with; bitter, sweet, salty moments of life that make it such a masterful banquet.


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And you know what? I think God loves meals just as much as I do. Have you ever noticed that mass is just a giant family dinner? We all come to listen to the stories of our host, bring our lives to His table. We sit, we listen, we laugh, we cry and then we go up to the altar to receive the food of life, the Eucharist. God has a way of touching both our stomachs and our hearts. He knows what it means to sit down and share a meal with someone. That is love.

So eat! Eat with your families, your neighbors, your friends, those random people sitting at the table next to you. In the end the meal isn’t really about the food itself but about whom you’re sharing it with.


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