Do you ever feel like what’s the point? You know one thing that I hate about society? It teaches us to ignore people. Seriously when was the last time you actually looked at someone? I hate that about college and I catch myself doing it all the time. Look at your phone, your notes, your hair, your shoes, but God forbid you look at the most amazing thing ever created the person next to you. No wonder people have problems with depression. People don’t even look at you. People don’t listen. Or they don’t ask. When did we become so afraid to offend people that we stopped asking and actually caring?

I’m not trying to set fire to the village, but seriously when did the whole point of life become making money, perfecting our appearances while we died more and more inside, being in pretend “relationships” that are more about pleasure than a genuine sense of responsibility for the person sitting in front of us?

Today I got to do one of my favorite things at mass, be an extra-ordinary Eucharistic minister. I love it so much for two reasons: 1) I get to give Jesus to the world literally 2) I get to look at people, if only for a second, I get to breathe in their life.

There is this nomadic greeting ritual where whenever you see a person instead of saying hi, you put your forehead against theirs and you breathe in together. It is actually breathing in the other person’s life, a connection that Facebook can only wish to achieve. In that second when I say “The blood of Christ” I look into the eyes of the person in front of me and breathe in their life. Now I’m not literally doing this cause people would justifiably be creeped out, but I look at them, I really see the person in front of me. And let me tell you I have never ever been able to help but smile. Why? Because people are amazing! You are amazing. Stop just living and actually be alive. Look at the people you come in contact with. Listen to them; you may be surprised just how amazing they are.


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