Invisible You

I recently watched the new Disney movie Invisible Sister and much to my surprise it actually was pretty good! It’s all about transforming into the person you are meant to be, about showing the world who we really are and that reminds me of this quote from Saint Catherine of Siena:

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

And you know what? It’s true. I’ve had many days when I’ve felt invisible to the world, but just like in the movie, a lot of that was a product of me despairing about myself. As Saint Augustine says,

“Beware about despairing about yourself; you are commanded to place trust in God, and not in yourself.”

And in those times in my life, in high school when I wished I could just disappear or in college when I thought nobody noticed me, I wasn’t trusting God but becoming consumed with my loneliness. I think this is why St. Padre Pio said,

“And every day, when your heart especially feels the loneliness of life, pray”

because that is doing the opposite of feeling sorry for myself, but prayer is the recognition of God. And once you recognize that God is there and made you so beautifully and uniquely to share something amazing, even if it seems small and unnoticed, to the world then you can’t help but want to be yourself. This is by no means easy because, just like the girl in the movie learned, it requires a breakdown of pride. You have to stop being standoffish and start embracing the people in your life. You have to stop running from yourself and start being the person God made you to be. That is also why prayer and the sacraments are important. Prayer helps you understand who God made you to be because He is the one who made you, and the sacraments give you the grace and the communion you need to keep going and remain strong. We cannot do it alone, and that is why God gave us the Church. Therefore I think the message of the movie is important and can be summed up by St. Francis of Assisi’s quote,

“Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and be that perfectly”

Therefore go out in the world and be that amazing bringer of love and joy God made you, and maybe just maybe you will inspire someone else to step out of the shadows and stop being invisible too!


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