Recently thousands have gathered for the Rally for Life and it got me thinking (oh no! sounds like a blogpost is coming…yep!) about just how precious life is. After original sin, humanity was separated from the full presence of God. But, God did not let this fallen state of humanity last, He had a plan; the Incarnation, God in flesh. Jesus. God didn’t stop there though, oh no! He knew that the only way to restore humanity was to give the ultimate sacrifice. The most beautiful gift of self. The most anyone can give because it was the most we are given. Life.

Think about it. The thing God chose to give us, the God of the universe, the King of all Kings, the omnipotent, who could have given us anything, chose to give us the gift of His life. That is what Jesus did when He died on the cross for us, He chose to give us the most precious thing He could; He chose to give us His life so that we could live ours to the fullest.

Life. The thing we take for granted so often. The thing that our culture scoffs at, diminishes to a complication, a challenge no longer worth it, but through God’s eyes it is the most precious thing He has given us. And now in our society of death, Satan has convinced us to disregard it, to spit at it, to mock it, just as he convinced us to do to Jesus when He was on the way to offer His very life.

This is why I am so proud of my fellow Catholics who stood up and said enough is enough! My fellow Catholics who are living lives in purity, holiness, and joy. Those of us who are living life to its fullest, by entrusting it to His care. He who knows just how precious the gift He gave us is. If we entrust our lives to Him imagine what He could do because He knows the beauty and incredibleness of life because He made it!


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