Jesus Christ is Born!!

Its Christmas time again, the time of year filled with joy, family, chaos and chocolate. It seems like every year Christmas comes around and things seem to be a little bit crazier. And with this, I for one always kind of expect that with the coming of God into the world things should get less crazy. My anxieties should diminish; my struggles should be taken away from me with the coming of Christ. And every year I think this I am left disappointed. When the tree is taken down but my problems remain I seem to question if God really came. If He did then why aren’t things better?

I think to answer my question it would be wise to look at the Jews in the time that Jesus so miraculously was manifested in our world thousands of years ago. If we do we will find a nation of oppression. The Israelites had been scattered, they had been enslaved, they were being oppressed and you would think that when Jesus came He would change the state of the Jewish people. If they were His chosen ones, then why didn’t he take away their problems? This is why many thought Jesus would be a military leader, so that he could regain control and renew the state of His people with force.

But when I look at the Annunciation, when I look at the coming of Christ I realize something. Jesus didn’t come to magically make our problems disappear or to make our lives magically better, He came to change us.

He came to be born in our hearts, to take away our sins and draw us near Him so that we could know Him better. And this relationship with God, this would enable us to have the hope and faith and love that we need to face the problems and struggles in our lives but it would all be because of our relationship with Him. We should encounter the Triune God and never be the same. And that my friends, is what Christmas is all about! It is the changing of a heart, our heart, because when we look at that tiny baby in the hay we see love Himself and even if our life, like that barn he was born in, is a mess, because we have encountered Him and now have the eyes of faith and a heart filled with love we will be able to rise to the occasion that is our lives.

That is how He will change the world, one heart at a time. Christmas blessings, and may the God of the universe be born in your heart so that we can change the world one person at a time.


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