You go St. Francis!

I’ve been thinking about this idea of failure a lot. Most people are just convinced success is in the money. “Well if only I had more money, we would be happier we wouldn’t have to worry, then everything would be fine”, and although money is an essential part of life, I argue that as long as you are not at the point of real need (so you can buy food, shelter, clothes, education) then no amount of money is going to make you happy. If you can’t live in your situation and love the people around you and laugh with them, even if you find that you are living and laughing in a stable, then you can’t be happy with all the money in the world.

Once we reach the point where we live in the world and only see all we don’t have, then we will never have the heart to love the things we do. I think some people with all the money in the world still look around and say “if only I had more”, but I think those are the people who end up existing in a state that is lifeless and sad because they have nothing worth living for, nothing worth fighting for. I think maybe we need to look at the world like St. Francis and say if only I had less! Then I would not be distracted by the stuff but hold on to what’s important.

Then I could see the miracles in everyday life, like the trees and the animals. I mean have you ever really looked at a tree? What a miracle in itself the fact that it can live from the rays of the sun and that its roots take in all the nutrients it needs. Or think of the miracle that is you! The fact that we can move, that our bodies have tiny little sodium potassium pumps that make electric potential differences to move every muscle in our body, and that it took more effort for me to write that sentence then for my body to do all that!

I think that will be my goal for the week, that I may pray not for God to give me more, but less.


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