One foot in Heaven

“But they are not normal” I exclaimed convinced in my twelve years of age that I knew everything I needed to know about everything. “Saints are either priest, or sisters, or brothers, or monks, or kings and queens, no normal people are saints”. Boy, I don’t think I have ever been so glad to be wrong! The next class my English teacher, who I was having this debate with, (Catholic education is awesome) came back to class with a list of saints who were “normal people”. People like Saint Isadore who was just a famer doing his work but glorifying God all the same. I think this moment in my life was a major moment of humility for me but also one of revelation and I will always be grateful to my 7th grade teacher, because it was then that I realized that everyone is capable of being a saint. Everyone.

The other day I was enticed by the movie The Amazing Spider Man, with Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, and the thing that I kept thinking was that spider man could be anyone. I mean this kid who lost his parents, didn’t have much money, didn’t have a job, this normal high school kid was saving lives. This kid was called to something greater, and because of this ability that he received he was able to save lives.

Isn’t that like us? Like me? I’m a “normal” kid. No, I have not been bitten by a radioactive spider, but God has given me a gift and even if I don’t quite know what it is yet, I know I am made for greatness, just like Spiderman.  I think this is what saints realize; they realize they are made for more and because of that they live their lives with one foot in heaven. They are able to see the things in this world and help be a beacon of hope, a hero, not because they have some weird super power but because they live their lives in the love of the Father. And then when the world gets hard, and suffering ensues, and their seems to be no hope, they hit their knees and turn their eyes to heaven knowing that God will not magically make everything better, but that he will give them the graces they need to be amazing in the moments that are so hard.



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