Family Matters

With father’s day coming up and a recent inspiration from David Henries’ awesome comments to I wanted to take a second to recognize the importance of family. Something David points out in his interview is that my generation seems to be afraid of family, and I say that couldn’t be truer. I mean with the named culture of death present in our world, with a ridiculous number of divorce rates and now a new challenge on the very definition of family can you blame my generation for being so hesitant?  The media along with peers and people’s attitudes in general have convinced my generation that the only way to be happy is to be successful and the only way to achieve success is by getting the best job with the most money. Success consists of “knowing” as many of the right people as possible and ignoring the ones who harm or degrade your social status. Success means having the nicest car, house, boyfriend, but to commit to none of these because if there is something better then there will no longer be satisfaction, no longer be happiness. When we fall into this type of thinking, we spend our lives waiting around for the next best thing, constantly grabbing for the better and never appreciating what we have. Instead of loving people we use them we see them as a means to an end not a person deserving respect and love.

When I was little, I know that the one thing I dreamed about more than anything else was Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and any other magical creature that gave joy, hope, and presents to me as a child. And it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that if you asked me when I was little to be the Tooth fairy or help Santa or the Easter bunny as my job I would undoubtedly say yes. I feel that most people would agree with my five-year-old self because these fictional characters don’t just bring money or eggs or presents, but they invoke health, hope, and awe and wonder in kids. These entities inspire the next generation to dream big to never give up and to show the world charity instead of hatred. What if I told you that these jobs of the Easter bunny, Santa, and the Tooth Fairy were available right now and that you might not get paid, but you could change a child’s life for the better? Would you do it? This is what parents do every day. That’s what being a parent is about, it’s about giving life to the world. And yes there will be dirty dippers, and crying and screaming but there will also be laughter and little kisses and little toes and smiles. Isn’t it worth it? I think so, so thank you all those fathers and mothers out there for doing the most important job in the world because we would be nowhere without you!



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