St. Joseph

Illustrious Son of David,  Splendour of Patriarchs,  Spouse of the Mother of God,  Chaste Guardian of the Virgin,  Foster-father of the Son of God,  Watchful Defender of Christ,  Head of the Holy Family.

In tribute to one of the most amazing saints ever, whose feast day is today, I am going to write about St. Joseph. We know very little factually about St. Joseph. In reading the Gospels we are told he was a carpenter, therefore craftsman, he wasn’t very rich, as Mary and Joseph offered turtledoves at the temple which was the replacement if one could not afford a lamb, he was a decedent from the line of king David, and that’s basically it. He appears in a few other stories in the beginning of the Gospel and from these we can deduce that he was very devout, honorable and must have been pretty holy considering he lived with Mary and Jesus who are the holiest people to ever live.

Truthfully, this is why I love St. Joseph so much. He was called to holiness through simplicity. He was the earthly provider for his family, barley speaking a word but showing everything through his actions. I mean if you think about it what can we say in response to the unimaginable gift of God becoming man?


My image of St. Joseph has often correlated to the great father, and grandfathers God has placed in my life. These are men who know the power of remaining silent, stepping back and letting God’s grace work before their very eyes. In particular my grandfather on my dad’s side, my Opa, has the dedicated working spirit of St. Joseph. Often speaking only when needed, he is one of the hardest workers I know and all for the good of his family. There is this silent dedication that is mesmerizing to watch and in watching one realizes that this fervor cannot come from some earthy desire for power, but must have its origin in God. The same undoubtedly was true with St. Joseph who, like the men in my life, obtained a constant and willing desire to happily do God’s will even when the world challenges the mission placed before him. This is what makes a true man: dedication to the pure, devotion to the holy, fervor through the rejection of this world, protection of the family, and most importantly strength from Jesus and Mary.


Today we celebrate a man, a simple carpenter who was nothing in the eyes of the world, but who was role model for true masculinity in the eyes of God incarnate.

St. Joseph pray for us!


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