“L” is for the Way You Look at Me

It has been far too long! I have been wanting to post something for weeks but my internet was down and then tests kept coming up, but I’m here now so let’s talk! As you can imagine a number of topics for this post have come up throughout the week and a half since I last wrote, but the main one that has been gnawing at my heart was the manifestation of love.

Valentine’s Day was a couple of weeks back and I got the wonderful opportunity of going on a theology of the body retreat .During it,  this idea of love and true love was mentioned a lot. Now this is going to be cliché I know but I am going to use a movie analogy as my best description of love. It’s not a common movie like Titanic or Brave Heart, but the recent film called Jack the Giant Slayer displays true love like no other.

Why on earth would I pick a movie about a boy who finds a magic bean and goes to a savage land of giants? Well, this movie displays the best analogy of love ever and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1.      The scene where Jack and the Isabella, the Princess meet: so adorable!

So the princesses longing for adventure, as all princesses do, goes to the village and wonders in on a play when some thugs approach her and threaten her wellbeing and worth.  This is where Jack comes in to “defend the dignity of the princess” (a direct quote from Jack ). That’s right all you manly men out there this is your job! There are millions of princesses out there who need their dignity defended.  And it can be as simple as fending off some thugs by standing up for what is truly worth fighting for, the dignity of woman.


2.      Friendship first not romantic tension, relationship is pure, sub-mission:

So how does their relationship continue after this fabulous start? Well in all reality they start off as friends, they discuss books, share dreams, it’s not a needy relationship but is pure. And this allows the relationship to progress. This also allows for my second point, submission. Now when most people see this word they freak out! (Someone freaking out) “What? I don’t belong to anyone; I don’t want my rights trampled on!”  Whoa there, calm down and let’s look at what this word really means. Sub-mission under the mission of the other.  And in this case the Princess whole heartedly is under the mission of Jack.

What is the mission of Jack? Look down.

3.      Jacks entire goal on this journey is to return the princess unharmed to her father!

That’s right Jack’s mission is to return the Princess to her father unharmed and with her dignity intact. Who could this wonderful image of the father be??(It’s God!). The father is God! Now the Princess must help, and she does because she is under the mission of Jack so she can fight just as fiercely as the rest but with a purpose. This brings up another important point. Jack realizes at any time during his mission he could willingly make the ultimate sacrifice of his own life in order to save the Princess. This is what true love is, “As the church is subordinate to Christ, so wives should be subordinate to their husbands in everything. Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ loved the church and handed himself over for her Ephesians 5:24-25.


One of the greatest travesties of our world today is that we have lost love. What do I mean? We live in a “culture of death” quoting Pope John Paul the Second. Love means the manifestation of life, in a culture full of depression, lust, anger and abortion, where is the life? We also live in a culture of isolation. It is all about the individual, what do I want, what are my plans, even our relationship with God becomes something so isolated from the world that it barely emerges in our day to day life.

How can we combat this isolation? Through love. That is how we fill this culture of death with life, by fighting for each other’s dignity, by putting ourselves in service to the ultimate mission of getting another to heaven, and realizing that our purpose for fighting every day is so that we can return to our Father who is patiently waiting and sending us aid to defeat the life-eating giants of this world.



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