Once Upon a Time…

These three words have mesmerized us for centuries, enthralling nations into lands where  dragons can be slain, plants can grow larger then skyscrapers, and dreams come true. The idea of a story, a fantasy made real through words, simple letters arranged to make sense of the world, this art of story telling is truly amazing. Through stories places and objects and people can be made and developed and destroyed through the use of a simple word.

The first recollection I really have of reading stories and truly understanding and appreciating their power is when I was about six learning to read with my Oma. She was sharing the book Peter Rabbit with me and I instantly went down the rabbit hole with this mischievous little fellow. She taught me a respect for books and learning which I still cherish to this day. It was through the care and importance she placed on reading where I experienced how important this art really is.

Through stories, not only are these mythical worlds created, but we the viewer, are forever changed and effected by these stories. When I was little, I was given the opportunity to hear the stories of one of the greatest storytellers in the world, my mother’s mother, my Sittie. She would create realities using the simplest yet most descriptive language imaginable. To convince you how great of a story teller she was, when I was probably around the age of five one of her stories, that of a Wizard named Wally effected me so powerfully that I was convinced in every sense that Wally the Wizard was real. And knowing he was real I was determined not to go to bed until I found him.

wally  (Look I found him!!)



What does this prove and why have I sent you on this journey through an unending spiral of words to get here? We are on this world for a reason. To inspire and create but most importantly to love. How can we share this love and the love we have experienced you might ask? Well this is the very reason we must become masters of story telling.

I am not the first nor only one to come to this realization, for Jesus himself used this trick to captivate hundreds. He was showing us that the way to connect and imprint people is to share our stories with them. Think about it, every Bible passage that we really remember, they are all stories. The Prodigal Son, the parable of the lost coin, David and Goliath, Moses and the Red Sea, these stories have forever imprinted and stayed with us because they captivate our imagination.

This is why we are a generation enthralled by television and music and movies, because as humans we love stories! We want to experience life and adventure. We have an innate desire for more. More then what this world can offer, and so we strive for the intangible through the creation of new worlds.But, we must be careful because just as in the stories themselves the words that are used to create can also be used to destroy. This is why we must master the art of sharing our stories. Telling the world what matters most and why, and revealing the true villains of this world.

We are a nation of bloggers, tweeters and instagramers but we must use this technology as a means to tell an even more important story. A story that transcends time and contains within it the true happily ever after. We must inspire a nation by using the lives of the saints, by imagining the glory of God and by describing the destruction of Satan.

So sorry this post turned into more of a novel then a short story, but it really is that important! Listen to the stories of your grandparents, never let the adventures of your parents die and when proclaiming the Gospel realize that it is not a collection of words, but the greatest love story around!

Happy Birthday Oma and Sittie two of the world greatest story tellers and women who I will never be ashamed to tell the world about!


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