Be Not Afraid!

So today I had the opportunity to hear the inspiring and enthusiastic words of Michael Gormley and he reiterated something that has been tugging at my heart for a while. This is that our generation seems to be asleep. Our generation seems to be too apathetic or polite to care. To fight. There is a very real spiritual battle going on every day that requires us to continue to fight, to stay awake in the presence of our Lord and to be not afraid!

It’s like our life is Frodo’s journey to Mt. Doom, he must continually rededicate himself to his journey, to say no to temptation and to avoid an eternity of a very real spiritual doom. How can we do this? How can we be a part of this new evangelization where we must reignite that flame established by the original evangelization (because nowadays almost everyone has heard of Christ and Catholics)? Well Mr. Gormley gave a great and attainable suggestion. Pick four people (this semester for all you students) and choose to love them. This means putting their needs first, giving with no expectation or desire of gain and thinking of them before ourselves.

So often I feel we chose to do nothing because what we can do we feel is insignificant. But this is what Satan wants us to believe. Serving these four people for the next three months may seem insignificant but it won’t be for them. Not if we truly love them by showing them the same love God has shown us. A love that spreads its arms and gives every last breath, a love that keeps pushing up that mountain of Doom to destroy Satan. How can we achieve this seemingly impossible task? It is by choosing to no longer be apathetic, to no longer be scared but to raise our heads, and no longer stand for this culture of death we have created, but to kneel down in the presence of God and serve.


We must be fearless and tireless in our love for others and the only way to do that is to allow ourselves to be loved by God so that we too may be able to show the love of God to the world.

This also requires us to know that we will fail many times, but we must reconcile with these failures and turn away from our sins to continue the journey. So what will your choice be? Will you fight or be destroyed? Will you love or will you continue to do nothing until sin consumes? Let’s do this guys! Let’s go out there and love the world so much that it is no longer silent but is filled with shouts of joy! Knowing that we will fail, but that through our failures and the ripping of our heart, that it is able to grow bigger and give more love! Be not afraid!


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