Embrace of Love

Starting my second week of college after winter break and you know what I miss most? No it’s not my bed, or cable T.V. (which I do miss quite a bit as I’m not able to see one of my new favorite TV shows like The Goldbergs!) it’s not my dog sticking his wet nose against my arm when I’m super focused on my homework no, I miss all of those little things but, the thing that I miss the most is my mommy’s hugs!  Seriously, sometimes just thinking of her surprisingly all-encompassing hugs make me smile. And how can such a small woman, under 5 1/2 ft, give such a hug as this that can legitimately take fears away?

Don’t believe me or want to experience more of what I’m talking about? There was a wonderful book that came out a while ago called Coffee With Nonna: The Best Stories of My Italian Catholic Grandmother written by Vincent Iezzi. This book is marvelous! Through the stories, you realize that this inspiring Italian woman is larger than life in more ways than one and throughout the stories you can literally feel her give you the most amazing hug in the world!

When I think of this, I think of my great, great grandmother on my mother’s side who emigrated to the U.S. from Lebanon. I didn’t have the glorious experience of ever meeting her in person but from the stories I hear about her she was quite a woman. Strong, loving, devoted to God and our Lady, she came to this country and made something of herself, but never forgot what was truly important in life. The people in it. And even though I never got to meet her, I know she had the ability to give a hug so tight that it would put all of your broken pieces back together.

I think anyone with a grandmother or mother of culture can understand this. These women whose embrace envelopes you and make you feel love. Really feel love.

Guess who has one of these hugs too? No other than our Blessed mother being the strong yet humble Middle Eastern woman she was, she most literally has a hug that can embrace the entire world. Her embrace can fix the worst of us. If we ask her too, she will give us the same embrace of love that she gave to God. The very embrace that wiped Jesus’ fears away when he was a boy and gave him the courage to do the will of God. So what are we waiting for? Mary is waiting to give us the hug of our lives, the embrace that will lead us to love itself, the embrace of love; all we have to do is let her hug us tight, and then all our broken pieces will fit back together!


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