The leaf

This is something I shared with the Facebook world a couple months ago and is really the reason I started blogging. In some small way this is giving the world a part of me, one of my leaves, and maybe someday we will not only search for our own trees but for the one who arranges our leaves into what we call our trees. 

It annoyed me from my deepest being that they pretended to instantly understand me, and my sense of humor which I considered infinitesimally beautiful and unique. In my innermost heart I wanted to be something marveled at and adored. I wanted someone to look into my eyes and see that there was more to me, that there was depth and layers and beauty enveloped by beauty enveloped by beauty. That you could not really know me after just a couple of days, but that I had an amazing secret inside me waiting to be unfolded, and moreover that someone would be just as excited and yearn to discover that innermost person just as much as I long to show it to the world. I wanted someone to see the sparkle in my eye as the hint of something truly magnificent on the inside. And it annoyed me to no extent that this person thought that just because I shared a glimpse of the beauty to come that they knew everything about me.

Then it struck me. This must be how God feels all the time! He reveals the smallest part of His glory and wonder to us and we accept it as knowing everything about Him. But just like this person who judged my glimmer as the innermost me, we are judging a leaf as an entire tree. A tree that holds all of life and wonder and goes further then we can see on the surface, as roots are unseen but one of the most innate parts of the tree. One cannot look at the leaf and say this must be it. I know the entirety of the tree because I have seen this one infinitesimally small part. That person knows nothing. He knows not what the tree does nor the purpose and if this one were to try to describe the tree to another, he would be describing a leaf and calling it the tree.



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